#womensupportingwomen ft. meg. shops

One company that TRULY values #WomenSupportingWomen is Meg. Meg is a locally made, women run independent clothing line that has been rocking the tailored, everyday #girlboss style since 1994.  The company is all about personalization – which is why they recommend scheduling a consultation and personal styling to make every customer feel her best!

Their brands’ mission is to empower women through fashion and impact our communities by stocking woman-owned accessory brands, supporting neighborhood schools, local factories, and print shops as well as fundraising for important causes such as Planned Parenthood. So not only are you getting some killer, tailored looks but you are also supporting an organization dedicated to women’s empowerment. And what is better than that?!

I had such a wonderful experience with the staff and founder, Meg, at the pop-up here in DC! They were unbelievable cheerful, passionate, and helpful when it came to styling for each women’ needs.  I got to try on a bunch of their Spring styles and have selected a few of my favorites for you all below. Meg also has several boutique locations in NYC and a shop in Toronto if you want to stop by and check them out!




Alysse Katherine



Photos: Meg Shops Instagram

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