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I’ve been slowly but surely making the move to all things natural this year: from cleaning supplies to beauty products. And luckily for me, Ivy Wild Beauty opened up earlier this year just down the street in D.C.’s Manhattan Laundry building.

The shop’s Founder, Rachel Mulcahy, dove into entrepreneurship by opening the organic beauty shop storefront. The all-natural thing can be overwhelming – I’m never sure what ingredients to look for and what ones I need to stay away from. From the second I walked in, Rachel made me feel like a friend rather than a customer.  She is clearly passionate about what she does and it shows through her expertly curated lines of beauty and wellness products. From Odacite Skincare to Kosas Cosmetics, each brand offers something unique. She really has introduced me the some life-changing products! If you are in the D.C. area, I highly recommend stopping in for a consult and letting Rachel help guide you through the world of natural beauty! If not, I shared some of my favorite Ivy Wild finds for you all below.




For those outside of DC, I’ve linked where you can buy these goodies online.

  • Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation – This liquid foundation is the best thing since sliced bread. It leaves your skin bright and dewey without having to sacrifice full-coverage.  Mix in in with your moisturizer for a softer look. HIGHLY recommend this baby!
  • Jane Scrivner Skinfoliate – This all-natural exfoliate acts like a toner and is a perfect everyday product to help remove dead skin cells and balance your skin’s pH balance. Plus, it smells like a chamomile dream!
  • Kosas Lipstick – The Kosas lipsticks are long-lasting YET skin smoothing and moisturizing – which is a MUST this time of year! Lately, I’m loving the Undone shade as the perfect everyday Fall color.





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