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This January 21st marks the first anniversary of the Women’s March. I was lucky enough to attend here in Washington D.C. last year and it was such an inspiring experience to see women and men from around the world gather together to support equality for all. If you are looking to get involved this year, I have listed a few ways to support the Women’s March below.

It’s been a year – and I mean, A YEAR – for women. It’s hard to stay positive and motivated.
So for this first anniversary, I am sharing some ways to support the Women’s March and your lady friends. I challenge ya’ll to pick one this week and act!
5 Ways to Support the Women’s March:
1.  March! This year’s National March, #PowerToThePolls, will be held in Las Vegas on January 21st. You can also check in with your local chapter for their anniversary plans.
2.  Donate! You can donate directly to the March here. Here are other organizations you can consider donating to that support the movement.
3.  Call your representatives! Just do it. Whether we have the same viewpoints or not – if you have an opinion, make your voice heard. You can connect to your local representatives by calling this number: 202-224-3121.
4.  Educate yourself! Don’t know much about the movement? Take some time to learn about it! Here are a few non-biases sources that provide some basic information behind the Women’s March and a message from the babes themselves! And, don’t forget that you can always learn more.
5.  Text a sista! Shoot a friend or your mother a message of love and support.  We can only get stronger together!
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