summer beauty tips

I wanted to get a head start on a good skincare and makeup routine for summertime so I decided to pop into Ivy Wild Beauty to get some help from the beauty guru herself, Rachel Mulcahy. The organic, DC based beauty shop has such a great collection of natural skincare and makeup products PLUS Rachel is super knowledge and helpful when creating a personalized skincare regimen. I learned SO much from our consultation and wanted to share the tips with ya’ll. Below is a skincare + makeup tutorial that I am excited to put to use all summer long!

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tutorial: messy hair

Styling short seems easy enough, but can be super tricky! Whether I am going for a straight bob or a super curly-do, I always use my straightener. I’ve found that using a straightener gives me more control over what my hair does, especially when it comes to curling it. I think it gives you more of a “bend” than a traditional curl – so you get more of a beachy waves look. The key is patience! I’ve spent far too much time watching YouTube videos and practicing so don’t get discouraged if it takes you a few times. I also got a bunch of questions on what hair products I use – so I have shared a few details on my favorite products to use for this look below. Enjoy my first ever so please don’t judge this editing quality tutorial on “messy” hair!

As far as hair care products goes, I don’t really use much – and should probably use a bit more ahem, like more hair protectant. But, I do have a few must-haves. Frizz Ease has been my ride-or-die since I learned what a straightener was and I literally always have the Touch-Up Creme in my bag. Also, Morrcanoil has a cult following for a reason my friends:  IT. IS. THE. BEST. Especially if you have coarse hair, YOU NEED. I’m also a big fan of anything by Living Proof so I tend to lean towards that brand line for dry shampoo, deep conditioners, and protective spray. Oh! and if it’s post about hair you can’t forget about OAUI. If I’m going for a more beachy look, I’ll scrunch in a little Wave Spray to top it all off.NOTE: I have VVVV thick hair. It is a little deceiving, but I swear it’s true. So I typically stay away from anything or use any products that is volumizing.



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FAQ: beauty favorites

Been getting ALOT of questions about my beauty and skincare routine (tutorial on both coming soon!), but wanted to give you guys a breakdown of my favorite beauty products right now. I’m constantly trying new products, but these are some of my go-to’s and best recent finds. You can shop everything below!


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