holiday gift guide ft. dough

This Holiday season, I am SO excited to be partnering with Dough – a new platform that empowers you to shop the very best products from women-owned brands. Together, we are making shopping this year a little more meaningful.

With every purchase we make, especially during the Holidays, we also make a statement about what we value. And for me, I truly value directing my dollars to women-owned businesses (#womensupportingwomen!). It’s nothing new: women are consistently under-represented and under-valued when in comes to entrepreneurship. Women receive less than 3% of all Venture Capital dollars to start their companies AND represent less than 10% of decision-makers in venture capital. It seems really daunting, but you can seriously make a difference. As a small business owner myself, having a few extra art sales can drastically change my financial situation and allow my business to continue to grow. That’s why, this year, I am making it a point to shop for Holiday gifts from female-run businesses and Dough makes it super easy to connect with businesses worth supporting!

So instead of my usual Gift Guide, this year I’ve curated gift ideas from brands that are strictly women-run with the help of Dough! Some of these brands I am already obsessed with – like Underbares, Mejuri, and GOLDE – while others are new discoveries. Either way, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list this year AND help make a difference!



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