staying warm? fur sure

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I didn’t even know a snow cyclone was a thing until earlier this week! All I know is that it. is. COLD. While I hope to stay snuggled up in my pajamas as much as humanly possible, I know the outside world is inevitable so TG for this furry friend! Honestly, does anything really say warmth like (faux) fur?! When I first got this coat as a gift a few years back, I thought “eh, maybe I’ll wear it once or twice,” LOL young, naive Alysse. I have been wearing this baby almost everyday! I usually stay away from white coats, but this cream is so versatile! I’ll throw it on with leggings and a baseball cap while running errands one day and then out to dinner for date night the next. It’s so warm that I don’t even want to wear anything else – especially when snow cyclones exist.

This dreamy fella was a gift that I got a few years ago when I first moved to D.C. It’s an older Madewell faux fur so I have tagged a few similar fur styles for you guys below as well as my whole look above. Hope you all are staying warm! If not, maybe give faux fur a try 😉








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