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Spring means change! I am a BIG believer in spring cleaning and love to use it as an excuse to redecorate. Subtle changes can make a big difference in any space. I tend to be one for more neutral tones, but Spring always gets me to use more color. Yellow and blue hues have been my go-tos so far this year – which you can clearly see below. Floral and tropical prints always scream Spring, b geometric prints and woven hangings have been all this year. Use texture too! Linens, fringe, and terra-cotta can make a room feel lighter and more earthy. If you are going for a more clean, crisp look – add more bright white and sharp pops of color to create a clear contrast. And, of course, adding a few more plants here and there will literally give life to any space. Cacti is 2017’s ‘it girl’ and they are super low maintenance – in case you are anything like me and haven’t quite figured out that whole green thumb thing yet.

I usually pick a couple of colors that I want to use to blend in throughout the space – that way it makes a more cohesive look. I already had some pops of blue and yellow so I decided to highlight these hues by adding a few similar tones. Start small! You don’t have to have the big picture in mind. Try Googling “blue decorative objects” or “yellow glassware” and see where the Internet takes you. This can help narrow things down and make Pinterest a little less overwhelming. If you stick with a color scheme, the few things you pick up here or there will flow perfectly in your space.

My best advice for Spring: think outside of the box! Big change does not mean you need to make big or expensive changes. Try a bold printed pillow or a bright colored vase. Be creative and have fun 😉









Alysse Katherine

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