new year, new goals

I LOVE a new year! There is not much more I enjoy than hitting the refresh button. 2017 was a big year for me – a career switch, major lifestyle changes, a new apartment, and this blog! I feel that I owe a lot of that to my resolution last year – to live a healthier and more motivated lifestyle. So I hope that my resolutions this year will help me stay accountable and on track for 2018!

One of my biggest resolutions is to build a stronger sense of community in 2018. In 2017, my biggest focus was to create – in whatever sense that may apply. It gave me the confidence to dive into this blog! As that confidence grows, I hope to increase my engagement with ya’ll! What do you guys want to see? What areas am I lacking in? Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below or email me any requests for this upcoming year!

Last year, I really wanted to get in shape and I am super proud of all the progress I’ve made. This year, I want to work on a healthier diet and kick this dang sugar habit! Although cutting out my daily dose of chocolate is going to be tricky. Anyone other sweet lovers out there have any tips or tricks that have helped them in the past?

For anyone that knows me, they know that I am a TV junkie. I really want to decrease the time I spend in front of the television and instead use that time to get into a good book! Have a similar resolution? Contact me and we can start up a book club!

I often struggle with keeping my life balanced so I really want to make sure I am on top of that this year. Life is always busy, but we tend to let our mental health take a backseat when too much piles up on our plate. I notice that the less “me time” I have, the more my anxiety flares up. Hoping that balance is key in 2018!

Lastly, my major overall goal is to be more open – in my everyday life and on this blog. I have always struggled with letting my guard down. However, most questions I get from you all tend to have more to do with living a balanced lifestyle than anything else! I haven’t been quite ready to share my more intimate side so publicly, but feel like being a bit more vulnerable is the right direction for this blog. I am looking forward to getting more personal with ya’ll this year – from struggling with depression to my weightless journey. I hope to create a safe space where we can learn and grow from one another – so please feel free to share your experiences in the comments section as posts are published!

Need a little inspiration or not sure where to start this year? Jump into meditation! Meditating really helps me identify my goals and stay focused on the bigger picture. I also have a few books that I love to re-read when I need a little push. The Power of Habit and You Are a Badass are always the first reads that I recommend!

So here’s to an ambitious, holistic, and encouraging 2018! What are your 2018 goals?



Alysse Katherine

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