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Sharing what has now become my workout routine! But, before you scroll straight to them, my FIRST TIP in starting any fitness journey is to do some research first. Don’t just go into a workout blindly, think about what you want to achieve and Google that shit. You’ll find out exercises will best help you achieve what YOU want and – more importantly – what exercises to avoid. This goes for cardio too. I was really into cycling for awhile and I just wasn’t seeing results – and then I went down a rabbit hole online and found out that my goals were going to be best met by just straight up running (which sucked to find out, but I noticed a difference immediately). In the end, these circuits were best for me – but do a quick search and make sure they work for YOU.

After research and much trial & error, I realized that HIIT exercises combined with running / walking cardio were the best fit for me. I try to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio every day + a target circuit. I find the HIIT workouts to be quick and effective so I always try and get one of those in a day. I find them to be helpful because I can pick and choose different workouts (so it doesn’t get boring) and I can target specific areas. You can read more about my fitness tips and weight-loss journey here.

NOTE: I find these SUPER helpful graphics on Pinterest and these specific circuits have eventually become my own routine. But, I do NOT take ANY credit for any of the below workout circuits. Most of them are based off of BBG!







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