FAQ: my current skincare routine

One question I have been getting lately is about my skincare routine. While I love trying new products out, I tend to go back to my OG pampering crew. Today, I’ll be sharing my morning / nightly ritual with my favorite beauty products!

PSA: My skin is super sensitive so these products should be safe to use on most skin types.


Lately, I am all about this Clinique Liquid Facial Soap! It’s gentle on your skin, but gets the job done! The Daily Cleanser is available in 3 skin-typed formulas so there’s literally an option for every skin type. Bliss’s Makeup Melt is another one of my all-time favorites. I’ll usually double-down and use both cleansers after a night out or a photoshoot. Getting all that makeup off before actually cleansing your skin is a must!


This is so important! Toners help restore your skin’s natural pH balance, shrinks pores AND gives your skin some extra protection. I alternate between two different ones.  I love this drugstore buy from Neutrogena!  My skin can get pretty oily and I prefer a matte makeup finish so this one I tend to use in the mornings before applying my makeup. It takes all the shine right out! Plus, it has salicylic acid which helps fight acne. However, if I use this toner twice a day, everyday – my skin gets a little irritated. So I alternate with Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 2. I use this one every night and on the mornings I exfoliate. It isn’t as tough on your skin, but still does the trick! This one also comes in a variety of formulas for different skin types.




A good exfoliate is your best friend and I feel 1000% confident when I say that Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate is THE BEST. While I have given other products a shot, nothing leaves my skin feeling as clean and clear as this stuff. I’ve been hooked for years! I use this every other day, usually in the mornings.


I am a huge SPF advocate. No matter the time of year, SPF will keep your skin moisturized and healthy. I also tend to get sun spots and discoloration (thanks, genes) and SPF is the best way to prevent these marks from darkening. Coola’s SPF Matte is probably one of my favorite beauty products and easily my favorite SPF.  Plus, it smells like cucumber! It lasts all dang day and, again, gives me a matte makeup finish which is always a plus in my book.


Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizers are another drugstore fave. Fun fact – I’ve been using the Clear Complexion Moisturizer since high school (ha!). It’s super light, but gives my skin all the hydration it needs for the day. Plus, it’s great for fighting off breakouts. The Positively Radiant Moisturizer is another one I’ve used for years. This one has SPF built-in so you are really getting two for the price of one!

At night, I always use Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times – but I think this stuff is actually magic! Their organic, beeswax formula gives my skin an extra bit of hydration and nourishment that I haven’t found in any other moisturizers. I’m also a fan of their Ultra Beauty Balm. It’s great for redness and irritation. You can read more about Medicine Mama’s products here!



Eye Cream

I’m super self-conscious about my dark circles so I’m a little more willingly to splurge here. The lovely ladies at Sephora highly recommended the Algenist Eye Renewal Balm so I gave it a try a few months ago. It’s been the first eye cream I have tried where I have actually noticed a difference! The caffeine tones down any puffiness while the cucumber, aloe, and green tea extracts help nourish and hydrate the area. I’ve also noticed that my makeup in this area will last longer than if I skipped this step. I use it every morning and every night!

Face Masks and Treatments

Once a week or bi-weekly, I add a little something-something to my routine to give my skin an extra boost. Lapcos Skin Masks are my favorite! There is one for every skin-need: charcoal, aloe, collagen, brightening, etc. For this reason, I typically have a Variety Pack on deck for whatever my skin is looking for. I also love using the Glycolic Facial Mask when my skin is looking extra dull. It’s also helps with discoloration and tone!


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I’d love to hear any extra skincare steps that you have found to be beneficial for your skin. Let’s all learn from each other!



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