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Being a creative who works from home can be challenging. The work life / home life line is a difficult one to cross, especially when you have the option of staying in your PJs all day. Lately, I’ve been getting a ton of questions on how I am able to juggle working, resting, and living in the same space. While this WFH life is full of trial and error, I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me stay creative, focused, and organized while working at home.



My best advice for getting inspired in the same space day in and day out is by letting your creative side seep into your work space. If I am trying to get my creative juices flowing, I’ll start by re-styling a shelf, picking up some fresh blooms for a floral arrangement, or creating a mood board or visual concept. I’m SUPER visual so when I am in the same surroundings consistently, I find it hard to come up with fresh ideas or concepts. Refresh your space to refresh your mind!



I always start my mornings off with a workout and the news. I find that clearing my head and getting any distractions out of the way in the morning helps me stay focused throughout the day. If you are a designer, creative, freelancer, etc. you are probably juggling a few different projects at a time. To keep these separate, I like to start with my more “business” to-do items in the morning and then let myself get in a more creative headspace in the afternoon. This helps me manage my time more efficiently and stick to one project at a time.



 S has probably heard me say this 100 times haha. But when it comes to organization, this is KEY. All my books, art supplies, textiles, etc.  all have a designated “home.” I’m a huge fan of acrylic organizers when it comes to storage and use them for almost everything – paint, paintbrushes, jewelry, makeup, design notes, personal documents, etc.

For more ways to help you maximize your space, check out my post on space-saving tips.



If you are an artist creating in tight quarters, I highly recommend investing in a specific “work station.” S got me an easel for my birthday a few years ago and it’s been such a game-changer! I used to work wherever I could – at the kitchen table, in my bed, or just in the middle of the floor. Having a designated space gives me a place to “escape,” even if it’s just within our 1000 sq ft space.

Working from home definitely has it’s pros, but finding the right balance can be tricky. If you work or create from home, how do you stay motivated and organized? Do you find it more difficult to get creative or staying focused? I’d love to hear how you all balance the work from home life!




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