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For my recent trip to southern France, I really wanted to channel my inner Parisian with a couple French flairs. The French look is casual and effortless which made it easy to pack!  As any French film would point out,  the one accessory you need to achieve this goal is a scarf (now, my latest obsession).





These were perfect for going from day to night, especially this Zara one I brought along. It is pretty chilly in the mornings and evenings so having a little something to keep me warm was *insert thumbs up emoji here*. I also found this amazing white wide-legged pant from AG Jeans that just scream “hey! look at me! I’m French chic!” – not to mention they are super comfy. If you wouldn’t normally rock the wide leg look, France is the perfect place to try it out!









Jeans are appropriate almost everywhere – we never ran into any dress codes. This made packing easy because I could just mix and match! We traveled in the Spring so jeans were perfect for the weather. Going along with the wide-legged look, I packed these tie trousers that are my go-to’s travel pants.  They are super light and easy to pack!  I packed a few body suits and crop tops to mix and match! However, I would probably pack a bit differently (less jeans/tops, more dresses) if traveling in the mid to late Summer. I am also a lover of jumpsuits so I tend to over-pack those, but they were great for the weather and style so I do highly recommend throwing in a few of those. They are a quick way to look chic without having to really try.  To go along with the ‘less is more’ look, I recommend leaving those heels at home and only packing simple jewelry. Stay away from baseball caps and shorts if you are trying to blend in as well!

My full packing list is below, but make sure to check out my French Riviera Itinerary for more tips for your trip!


Packing List:

1 lightweight jacket or jean jacket

1 sweatshirt

1 pair of leggings (for travel)

2 pairs of pants

1 pair of jeans

1 dress

1 jumpsuit

3 casual tops

2 dressy tops

2 swim suits

1 cover-up

1 pair of tennis/running shoes

1 pair of casual shoes

1 pair of dressy sandals

Undies, bras, and socks

3 scarves

2 pairs of sunglasses (just in case!)

1 necklace

1 handbag / day bag












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