FAQ: how I stay motivated

One question that has been sliding into my DMs lately is all about motivation.  Whether it to be at work or at home or personal, staying motivated isn’t always easy. While I struggle with staying focused, I do have a few tricks that I use to help keep my eye on the prize – whatever that may be. Today, I’m sharing what has worked for me – but please feel free to share your own techniques below! As those cuties in HS Musical would say, we are all in this together.


 1. Goals List

Is there anything more gratifying than crossing something off a to-do list? This little “win” has become a huge motivator for me. Every Sunday night, I make a list of what I want to accomplish that week and give myself an attainable goal. Right now, I’m trying to better about meditating regularly so my goal is to meditate 5 times this week. Having a goal to hit keeps me focused!

2. Vision Board

Hung on the inside of my closet door, I have my “Vision Board.” It’s a collection of images that I want in life or aspire to – like a picture of a super cool house or a representation of my dream job. Whatever gets me inspired! It’s a nice little scene to start my day.

3. Good Reads

There are a few good reads that I often go back to when I need extra motivation or a creativity boost. If you are a regular AK reader, you will probably recognize a few of these! I’m often recommending  The Power of Habit and You Are a Badass.  I’m also a sucker for Eat, Pray, Love and a big fan of Rework.

4. Work Hard, Play Hard

One thing my therapist always talks about is a persons’ weekly ‘5 Non-Negotiables.’ These include exercise, healthy eating choices, meditation, ‘me-time,’ and social activities. I often struggle with finding a work-life balance so this guide helps me stay healthy and balanced.

5. Music

If you know me, you know I can’t not mention my girl Bey here. Something about her music just really gets my inner Sasha Fierce motivated and determined. Whatever the tunes, music can always set your mood. Find a playlist that gets you excited! This will make that extra mile on the treadmill just a little easier.

6. Remind Yourself WHY

At the end of the day, the best motivation is just myself. Why are you trying to get in shape? Why are you up late working on your side hustle? Whatever your goals – really define what your working towards and give it an image or a name. When you want to hit snooze on the alarm or go straight to the TV when you get off work, picture that scene or think of that place. I promise that will make you get up and go!






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