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Let me first say: This post is not about me, but it does have to start with me. Because change starts from within.

Rightfully, the world is aflame with outrage over the murder of George Floyd. As the race divide throughout the world becomes more and more prevalent, it has – finally- forced many to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask “Am I helping or hurting the problem?”

So – I’ve been taking stock of how I can be a better ally. Looking back at how many times I didn’t speak up or didn’t use my platform to shed light on the issues surrounding racial injustice. Because, let’s be clear: this is not a movement. These tragic stories are not new to us nor are the countless other acts of racism that happen on a regular basis. Yes, many of us are standing up now, but were we speaking up a month ago? A year ago? We all need to first painfully and uncomfortably take a look at our own actions before we start pointing fingers at others.

After doing some soul searching and listening to my friends of color, I’ve come up with some ways to better support the black community. I vow to make a conscious effort to educate myself on these issues, speak up whenever I see racism,

One area that I really want to focus on is the support black-owned business, specially those owned by women. My mission for the rest of the year is to make more conscious decisions about supporting black entrepreneurs. This is something we can all do to help closes the racial gap and celebrate black culture – while also strengthening the economy. Win-Win-Win.

I encourage you all to direct your dollars to those that need our support and buy black. To help, I’ve come up with a list of just some of the many incredible businesses run by black entrepreneurs. Please feel free to share any additional shops in the comments below!





BROTHER VELLIES: Handcrafted shoes and handbags from South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya & Morocco. Founded by Creative Director, Aurora James.


NL THE LABEL: Nichole Lynel’s contemporary designs recontextualize denim for the modern woman.


ORA ANA: Simple Bold & Overstated Next-Level Jewelry by Veronika Payne.


CUSHNIE: Luxury women’s ready-to-wear fashion designed in New York City by Carly Cushnie.


HOUSE OF AAMA: House of Aama is described as the spiritual expression of mother and daughter design duo, Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, in material form.


SATORI NOTES JEWELRY: Personalized jewelry with a focus on satori: a Japanese Buddhist term defined as a sudden inexpressible feeling of inner understanding or enlightenment.





THE LIP BAR: Vegan, cruelty-free makeup founded by Melissa Butler with an emphasis on simple ingredients and application.


KNC BEAUTY: Kristen Noel Crawley has taken the beauty world by storm with her all-natural lip and eye masks.


ASE NATURALS: Bath and body care made from 100% naturally-derived botanical ingredients & crystals.


THE HONEY POT COMPANY: The first ever plant-based feminine care system founded by Beatrice Dixon.


GOLDE: GOLDE is centered in making superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty.


MENTED: From their original nude lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes to blushes, MENTED is dedicated to finding a match for each skin tone.



TAYLOR + TESS: For the CBD lover, this skincare line developed by Tess Taylor is designed for “Women, Men, Neither and Both.”





EFFORTLESS COMPOSITION: Founded by Brittiny Terry, this home decor shop offers a curated collection of modern, eclectic decor.


CLARE PAINT: Making paint shopping easy with designer-curated colors & painting supplies delivered straight to your door.


JOMO FURNITURE: Jomo Tariku’s furniture incorporates a deep appreciation for African art and culture and infuses his heritage into contemporary product designs.


BOLÉ ROAD TEXTILES: Designer, Hana Getachew, creates bright, vibrant designs that are handwoven in Ethiopia.


SUKIES CANDLE COMPANY: Exotically scented premium soy wax candles, made fresh to order and individually hand poured.


JUNAGLOW: Founded by (my ultimate girl crush) Justina Blakely, Jungalow offers a curated ensemble of creative, colorful, modern goods from around the globe.


YOWIE: A home and life shop focused on curating small collections from friends, independent artists, and designers.


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