coffee + bar cart duo


ICYMI, at-home coffee stations are the new bar carts. But, if you are anything like me, you need space for both beverage vices! So when we got a Nespresso machine for Christmas, it was the perfect excuse to give our cart a little makeover for double the fun.


I decided to divvy up the cart by shelf – putting the AM goodies on the top shelf and the ‘5 o’clock somewhere’ necessities at the bottom. To make sure the space didn’t get too cluttered, it was all about prioritizing. For example, I decided to keep my wine glasses and mugs stored in our kitchen cabinets to save that space for other items.

The Nespresso machine uses coffee and espresso pods so finding some storage was the first priority. I love the Gianna dish from CB2 and thought it would be the perfect addition for a more modern, eclectic look. Plus, the pods fit perfectly! To go along with the eclectic style, this glass milk carton was too just too fun for storing cream or milk. The classic sugar dish was a great way to balance the styles out.



At this point, the coffee station was mainly comprised of clear storage containers so the space needed some depth. A letter board is always a good idea – especially when puns are involved – and it acts perfectly as a background. While I love the ease of an instant-coffee maker, there is nothing better than the smell of fresh coffee grounds! To give the area a fresh, cafe scent – put some coffee grounds or fresh beans into a small bowl for an extra touch. You can also add some coffee scoopers or stirrers on a tray in the foreground.



The cart had solely been for barware previously so I already had those cocktail hour essentials. I have had this decanter for a few years and love how versatile it is! Another favorite is this rabbit cocktail shaker that I got as a gift a few years back.  It’s just too unique to ever overshadow! I kept the look simple by adding some decorative cocktail books and some seasonal decor. Fill a large glass bowl with dried eucalyptus or pinecones for a winter look. For the Holidays, add some ornaments! In the summer, you can switch it up with some fresh lemons or bright florals.



Dual beverage cart? Check! Now, you have a spot set for coffee until cocktails. What trend of you prefer: coffee station, bar cart, or both? Either way, enjoy a shot 😉









Alysse Katherine





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