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spring things

Spring means change! I am a BIG believer in spring cleaning and love to use it as an excuse to redecorate. Subtle changes can make a big difference in any space. I tend to be one for more neutral tones, but Spring always gets me to use more color. Yellow and blue hues have been my go-tos so far this year – which you can clearly see below. Floral and tropical prints always scream Spring, b geometric prints and woven hangings have been all this year. Use texture too! Linens, fringe, and terra-cotta can make a room feel lighter and more earthy. If you are going for a more clean, crisp look – add more bright white and sharp pops of color to create a clear contrast. And, of course, adding a few more plants here and there will literally give life to any space. Cacti is 2017’s ‘it girl’ and they are super low maintenance – in case you are anything like me and haven’t quite figured out that whole green thumb thing yet.

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