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#womensupportingwomen ft. bodyrenn

BODYRENN is a woman-owned startup that is based out of Washington D.C. that I have been loving on lately! The brand is all about creating quality basics for the Gen X woman. As their ‘About Us’ so perfectly states, BODYRENN is for “the women who transformed active wear into a wardrobe necessity and have fashion experts declaring leggings as the new jeans.”  Hello, athleisure! 

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omg, shoes

New season, means new kicks!  I don’t know about ya’ll, but I finally packed away all my winter wear over the long weekend and could not pack up my boots and booties fast enough. After that never-ending winter, I’m ready for some change. Bring on the flip flops and espadrilles! View Post

defining yourself in a world obsessed with boxes

One of the first questions we typically ask when we meet someone new is “So, what do you do?” This one is always a tough one for me to answer. Like most people, I do a lot of things. I design, create, coordinate, write, manage, communicate, photograph, blog, etc. My day-to-day is never the same and my vision for Alysse Katherine / Designs is always evolving. But in a world obsessed with labels, that doesn’t seem to jive all the time.

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