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neutral sweaters

My summer styles have all been packed away to make room for #sweaterweather. While I am so ready for turtlenecks and chunky knits, I have a terrible habit of immediately diving for those dark shades the second there’s a cold front. To avoid that this fall, I’ve made a point to go for more neutral or cream colored tones. Neutral sweaters are great for layering so it’s been fun to try different color combos that I usually wouldn’t! I’ve also loved layering these over a floral button-up or pairing with a patterned shoe.

Here are some of my favorites neutral sweaters to cozy up in this fall.




Alysse Katherine

feelin’ fall

Anyone else excited for Fall as much as I am?! You really can’t beat cozy sweaters, autumn leaves, and Halloween movies on repeat. Fall is also my favorite season for fashion. While there are a ton of great trends out there, there are a few that I am especially excited for this season.

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traveling solo

True life: I love to travel. The travel bug is real and once you have been bitten, there is no going back. The one thing I hate about traveling is rounding up your fellow travelers and waiting for everyone to make a decision. I mean, if there is an Expedia deal, I am going for it! My impulsive tendencies finally got the best of me last year when I booked my first solo trip abroad. While Facebook reminders have been flooding me with memories all week, I thought I would put together some of my top solo travel tips for my fellow passport stamp fiends out there!

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