Here, you will find what has now become my workout routine. I combine cardio with these targeted circuits. Before you scroll straight to them, my FIRST TIP in starting any fitness journey is to do some research first. Don’t just go into a workout blindly, think about what you want to achieve and Google that shit. You’ll find out exercises will best help you achieve what YOU want and – more importantly – what exercises to avoid. This goes for cardio too. I was really into cycling for awhile and I just wasn’t seeing results – and then I went down a rabbit hole online and found out that my goals were going to be best met by just straight up running (which sucked to find out, but I noticed a difference immediately). In the end, these circuits were best for me – but do a quick search and make sure they work for YOU.

NOTE: I find these SUPER helpful graphics on Pinterest and these specific circuits have eventually become my own routine. But, I do NOT take ANY credit for any of the below workout circuits. Most of them are based off of BBG!

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Total Body

Arms, Back, Chest





Alysse Katherine